Everything You Need to Know About
The Pyramid Protection System

There are important and distinguishing differences between any run of the mill exterminator and a service-focused pest control company. What makes Troff so unique is that we do not simply want to give you a decent service, we want you to feel like Troff has your situation under control. 

Our Prices
Initial Service*                   $139.00
Bi-monthly Service**           $ 69.00
Year In Advance***           $399.00

Specialty Pest Initial****  $199.00
(or one time service)

*Initial Service includes thorough inspection of interior and exterior of your home, identification of any pest or traces of pests, identifying conducive conditions, development of a specific treatment plan, then the Pyramid Protection System is implemented.
**This service operates on a bi-monthly  cycle with a one year service agreement that includes 5 regular services. We require a credit card on file for this option. (Visa/MasterCard)

***You may also pay the year in advance for a great discount.

****For Specialty Pest Pricing refer to our Useful Guide to Pest

Specialty Pest are considered outside the scope of the Pyramid Protection System:  Yellow Jackets, Cicada Killers, Fire Ants, Fleas, and Pantry Pest.

We want to create a service that is comfortable for you.

Pyramid Protection System
Troff uses the most advanced and effective processes, techniques and products to achieve the best results. Which for you is a home free of pests. 

 We want you to be fully informed about what to expect when a Troff technician comes to your home, so listed below are the 3 steps used in the Pyramid Protection System. 

  • Step 1: The technician does an inspection for conducive conditions to help keep your home free of pests

  • Step 2: A liquid barrier is applied around the foundation of your home to help keep pests outside.

  • Step 3: A granular bait is broadcast outside of the chemical barrier. The granular bait acts as a food source, which once ingested, it quickly controls the intended pests.

-This system operates on a bi-monthly cycle. 

-We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Specialty Pests aren't included with the Pyramid Protection System. See Useful Guide to Pest.

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